[Please Read] Before applying 7thAzure...

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[Please Read] Before applying 7thAzure...

Post by Izumi on Wed May 28, 2008 3:39 pm

We would like to make your application as easy as possible,
therefore can you help us on your application also?

You can help us by filling out the following application form,
then we will discuss it with the members and admins,
an admin will make a poll on the forum and then members and admins will vote
then the decision will be finalised by the manager of the version of the gunz.

Application Form:

Real Name:
Age(if you are 18 in 1 month say 17 please):
Connection Speed(in Meg):

Application to which version of Gunz? (Ijji NHN Gunz the Duel / International Gunz The Duel)

In Games Name (Please Provide your alts also) & Level:
i.e Level: 63 , IzumiTaka


When did you start playing Gunz? :

Please Rate yourself in the scale of 10 for the following:

Being with alot of ppl:

Describe your clan war style:

What time do you usually play gunz? (Please provide timezones):

What are the previous clans you have been in?:

What are your reasons for leaving your previous/current clan?:

What do you think about 7thAzure?:

Why do you want to join 7thAzure?:

What can you provide 7thAzure with?:

Do you know any members of 7thAzure?:

How can we find/contact you? (msn/aim?):

Do you have mic/ventrillio?:

Do you use Sol's config for your Gunz gaming?:

Do you have FPS lag?:

Is your internet stable? (do you spike?):

Favourite Quotes you say:

Provide us with your replays and a few screenshots:

Additional Informations:
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