[UPDATE] Application Procedures.

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[UPDATE] Application Procedures.

Post by Izumi on Thu May 29, 2008 2:07 am

OK I have now updated the application system,
Using Arashi Application System as a template.

ok these are the steps:

1) Application Made

2) If a clan admin likes you, he will make a poll in the member area.

3) Members and admins will vote (Yes/No),
-If it's a Yes then go to Step 4 or Step 5.
-If it's a No, then it's rejected unless Master reorders a new poll made.
If he still cannot win the appeal poll, then he cannot reapply for a certain time.

4) [Optional] Tryout Stage (Win/Lose),
-If Win, it does not mean automatic in, but go to Step 5.
-If Lose, it does not mean automatic out, but go to Step 5.

5) Master Decision
The Master will make the decision whether he/she is in or not.


There're exemptions, which for example,
Old friends will be able to join without applications
but it shall all be decided by the Master.

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