Naru's Application!

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Naru's Application!

Post by Naru on Fri Sep 19, 2008 4:28 am


Real Name: Alex
Age(if you are 18 in 1 month say 17 please): 18
Location: Virginia, US
Connection Speed(in Meg): ?

Application to which version of Gunz? (Ijji NHN Gunz the Duel / International Gunz The Duel)

In Games Name (Please Provide your alts also) & Level:
Using cousinsss

Level: 48 -Kite
Level: 35? Cartographer

When did you start playing Gunz? : Don't even remember!

Please Rate yourself in the scale of 10 for the following:

Skills: 7
Maturity: 10
Funniness: 0?
English: Yup
Being with alot of ppl: 10

Describe your clan war style: Never clan warred before!

What time do you usually play gunz? (Please provide timezones): Weekends, Eastern Time -5

What are the previous clans you have been in?: Noneee

What are your reasons for leaving your previous/current clan?:

What do you think about 7thAzure?: Thumbs up!

Why do you want to join 7thAzure?: Goood friends!

What can you provide 7thAzure with?: Fill a slot in the clan!

Do you know any members of 7thAzure?: I think so

How can we find/contact you? (msn/aim?):

Do you have mic/ventrillio?: yyup.

Do you use Sol's config for your Gunz gaming?: huh?

Do you have FPS lag?: soometimess

Is your internet stable? (do you spike?): no cluee

Favourite Quotes you say: ;x


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Re: Naru's Application!

Post by Izumi on Fri Sep 19, 2008 1:47 pm

just join....... lol ffs Naru Senpai you dun have to apply lololol

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