Slick-J Application.

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Slick-J Application.

Post by Slick-J on Fri Jul 25, 2008 10:20 am

Real Name: Charles.
Age(if you are 18 in 1 month say 17 please): 16
Location: England, London.
Connection Speed(in Meg): 8mb

Application to which version of Gunz? (Ijji NHN Gunz the Duel / International Gunz The Duel):
Ijji NHN, GunZ: The Duel.

In Games Name (Please Provide your alts also) & Level:

Level: Slick-J, Level 55 (m)
Level: Silvea, Level 24 (f)

When did you start playing Gunz? : 2/3 years ago? Can't remember..

Please Rate yourself in the scale of 10 for the following:

Skills: 8 or a 9.
Maturity: 8 or a 9.
Funniness: 7.
English: 10.
Being with alot of ppl: 8.7

Describe your clan war style: I'm a follower not a leader, I like to stay a bit back, shooting there backs, or use my team mate as bait, and then PB them from behind. I'm a logical guy, I like to think of tactics to use, such as camp, camp is a tactic. Sometimes I go with 1vs1 in CW because I do have 9/10 aim, then if it goes on for too long, I'll try to give a final pb to my teammates opponent, but most of it just tactics depending on the situation.

What time do you usually play gunz? (Please provide timezones): GMT. No lie - But it is basically 24/7.

What are the previous clans you have been in?: Twilight, Arenis, ninjaSQUAD, Aphex, Aplus.

What are your reasons for leaving your previous/current clan?: Died or closed.

What do you think about 7thAzure?: I have no clue, I just see them go up in 3's and 4's on CW and challenge anyone, which is something I'd like.

Why do you want to join 7thAzure?: Basically what I said before/above.

What can you provide 7thAzure with?: Tactics, aim, wins, hardly any losses, teamwork.

Do you know any members of 7thAzure?: None.

How can we find/contact you? (msn/aim?): GunZ on Slick-J or

Do you have mic/ventrillio?: Yes and yes.

Do you use Sol's config for your Gunz gaming?: no.

Do you have FPS lag?: no.

Is your internet stable? (do you spike?): Very stable, I RARELY spike.

Favourite Quotes you say: Err, I don't know. o.o' probably that, loool. - o.o'

Provide us with your replays and a few screenshots: Er.. I got one screenshot of MY clans old score...

Clan War score 1.
Clan War score 2.

I use to use my old female account - which had Canidae on it.
I can prove that its my account/char if I need too.


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Re: Slick-J Application.

Post by Izumi on Fri Jul 25, 2008 12:46 pm

O............... erm lol well welcome to Azure application forum.

i will have a word with admins, x) and you just gotta wait patiently

;p ok good luck though

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